The ‘Bio’

Short Version

Kerri Fargo is the founder of Circle of Light® Wellness Centre & Healing Arts Academy, Soap Planet®, Divine Alchemy and Practical Intuition. She is a professional channel and intuitive healer with abilities of empathy, clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance. As a Reiki Master, she has taught hundreds of students the beautiful healing art of Reiki. Her true passion is in teaching and inspiring others to learn more about their unique energy, develop their intuition, and to experience the self empowering benefits of transforming ill health or suffering into a healthy, joyful, way of being. When she is not at the centre, she is on a Circle of Light® Retreat where her groups experience firsthand the healing energy of sacred sites worldwide, and learn from amazing healers and shamans.


Longer Version

Kerri Fargo is owner and operator of Circle of Light Wellness Centre & Healing Arts Academy as well as Soap Planet Bodycare . kerrilove2After a life long interest in alternative energy therapies, and through her own healing, Kerri has experienced first hand how the Mind-Body-Emotions-Spirit connection is absolutely essential to health and well being. Her healing journey reconnected her to the extra sensory experiences that she had earlier in her life, and resulted in a heightened ability to connect with healing source energy. In the last few years, she has dedicated her life to exploring the possibilities presented through working with these energies, and has created Circle of Light in order to share these unlimited opportunities with others. In her search for ‘the Truth’, Kerri has studied with many teachers, and has experienced and been trained in many modalities. Throughout these experiences she has strengthened her abilities and connection with the higher energy planes. Some of her gifts are: Clairvoyance(seeing spirit/ seeing the future), Clairsentience (physical sensing of energy), Clairaudience(hearing messages from spirit), Shamanic journeying, and Energy/Spiritual Healing. She feels it is her purpose in life to use her knowledge and gifts to help others obtain a state of peace, well-being, continued spiritual growth and evolution. By working at uniting all aspects of self, she facilitates a ‘whole’ approach to healing. She easily shares with others how to utilize their body’s own natural ability to heal as her wish is for everyone to experience the self empowering benefits of transforming ill health or suffering into a healthy, joyful, fulfilling way of being.

Want to Know More? You’ve Got It!

Kerri is available to teach Classes & Workshops at your location and is available for Speaking Engagements. You can contact her at: 905-689-8100 or For personal healing sessions or readings Book Online or call 905-689-8100

She also hosts trips to sacred sites a few times a year. More information HERE