Many times in our lives we reach a crossroads where we seek information but the answers are unclear. Often when we are emotionally attached to an outcome the information can either be skewed or we simply cannot find clarity. Channeling is a means to tap into universal information in an effort to bring understanding, clarity and compassion to life’s questions.

What Happens During A Channeling Session?

During a channeling session, the practitioner tunes into a specific frequency in order to receive information, and guidance from a higher source of wisdom. This higher source of wisdom is of a higher vibrational frequency and is located in the spirit realm. During this session a conscious connection to this spiritual source is created and messages, images and information are directly translated and reported to the client. This differs from a psychic or intuitive reading in that the information is not being read off the energy field of the individual. The spiritual guide is connecting to the question(s) and the channeller simply becomes the translator in this process.
For In-Person Sessions Please Book via Circle of Light HERE

Distance Channelling Sessions (via phone or Skype)

Distance Channelling Sessions are available for those who would like a session and yet live too far away to have one in person. A distance session is just as accurate as an in person session.
Currently distance sessions are offered on Fridays.  I can do these sessions on other days but need to fit them in and around my in person client schedule and I am often booked a few weeks in advance.  If you require a different day and time, please EMAIL HERE first to check availability.

To book a Distance Session

1. Choose the length of your session via the  BOOK NOW BUTTON below. (A 30 minute session is usually sufficient for 2 or 3 questions. For a more comprehensive overview you may wish to choose a 45 minute or hour session.) It will take you to and online scheduler where you can choose the day and time that suits you.

2. You must PREPAY for your session via Paypal below or Email us HERE to arrange payment via credit card over the phone. You may also send an email bank transfer to:

3. Let us know if you prefer your session over the phone or via Skype. You can do this as you book your appointment. After booking below (if Fridays are not good for you) please e-mail HERE with your preferred days and times (please give us a few to choose from), contact information, phone number or Skype ID.(Please note phone sessions are for North American calls only. Any other long distance charges are the responsibility of the client). We will email you back to book your session.

4. Bring any questions you have to this session. You are encouraged to take notes during the session if you so choose. You are welcome to record the session if you like. Sessions over 30 minutes we can record for you-if you like-let us know if you require this when booking. A copy of your recording will be sent to you via e-mail within 3 days after your session at no extra charge. Should a CD transcription of your session be required, please let us know prior to booking as an extra charge of $9 (to cover cd & postage) will be added to the session.

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45 Minute Session: $125


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1 Hour Session: $150


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1.5 Hour Session: $210

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