Akashic Record Reading

6074911 The Akashic Records Are A Dimension of Consciousness That Contains A Vibrational Record Of Every Soul And It’s Journey. Some refer to it as a library of light where one can access all information. The records are organized in a way that allows us access through words, visions, symbols and feelings. During this reading, your Akashic Record is accessed with your permission on your behalf. The information that comes through is relevant to what you need to hear right now. An Akashic Records reading allows you to ask specific questions you may have about your life, your past or your future. It will reveal your truth and give guidance on how to discover and apply your gifts. The messages come from a place of pure love and light.

An Akashic Record Reading Brings Clarity To Your Life’s Purpose, Assists In Clearing Emotional And Relationship Blocks, And Deepens Your Connection With The Divine.

Benefits of An Akashic Record Reading

  • Gain Clarity
  • Regain balance
  • Answer emotional/physical health questions
  • Understand your life’s purpose
  • Develop your own intuition
  • Build a path to success



During a reading, your Akashic Record will be connected with and any information received will be shared directly with you. A reading allows you to ask any questions you wish, and also enables you to connect with your higher self. Please bring any questions you may have with you to a reading. You may also wish to take notes.

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